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What’s the range of the Ford electric E-Transit van?

Ford introduced its all-electric Transit, called the E-Transit, to the world. It has a 67 kWh electric battery, which means it should have decent range. But what is that range? Well, it depends on what size van you purchase.

You see, Ford is offering the E-Transit in the three different roof sizes and three different lengths. They’re also going to offer the van in cutaway and chassis cab variants. Since all of those are different, the range is also different.

So here’s a breakdown of what you can expect, based on the EPA testing cycle;

  • Regular length, low roof: 126 miles
  • Long length, low roof: 126 miles
  • Long length, medium roof: 116 miles
  • Long length, high roof: 108 miles
  • Extended length, high roof: 108 miles

Chassis cab and cutaways are going to depend on what is attached to those vans, so there are obviously no numbers there. Your range, like your mileage, will also vary.

While 126 miles might not seem like a lot, it should be enough to cover most applications. Additionally, if a business has a DCFC on site, then it becomes less of an issue.

Even if the business only has a 48-amp level 2 charger installed, it can add 15 miles per hour of range.

Ford probably could’ve put more batteries in E-Transit, but they wanted to retain cargo capacity and up fitter mounting points, which should make it even less expensive for a business to convert from gas to electric.

Production begins in Kansas City in late 2021 for the E-Transit electric van.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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