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Watch the Rimac C_Two electric supercar undergo final wind tunnel testing

The Rimac C_Two is expected to be quite the electric performance car. As part of any new car development process, the car must undergo a barrage of testing to make sure everything works and holds up under everyday use.

For a supercar, that means making sure it is as slippery as possible through the air in a straight line, and ensuring there’s enough downforce for in the cornering for improved handling.

That means you have to put the car in a wind tunnel, obviously.

Rimac says that the C_Two has four separate active aero dynamic parts that work in sync to provide the above objectives. Additionally, since electric car range isn’t as infinite as a gasoline-powered car, smooth aerodynamics can improve the overall range between charges.

Since the beginning of the testing and the simulations, Rimac has increased the aerodynamic efficiency of the C_Two by an impressive 34%. Thanks to computers and advanced modeling, these types of improvements are possible.

The C_Two appears to be shaping up to being quite the performance car. Electrification isn’t just the key to saving the environment or reducing operating costs, it’s also a way to go really fast on a racetrack. It’s unlikely that the Rimac C_Two will disappoint.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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