Watch Rimac’s C_Two undergo electromagnetic testing

When we test internal combustion vehicles, we test emissions. Specifically, the emissions that come from the tailpipe. An electric car doesn’t have a tailpipe, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have emissions. In final testing for the Rimac C_Two to begin customer shipping, Rimac wanted to test a different type of emission. They wanted to […]

by Chad Kirchner
Alternating Currents: The case for the electric poster car

Think back to your childhood bedroom. Did you have a car poster on your wall? If you did, surely it wasn’t something beige, reliable, and economical. Nobody had a 1983 Honda Accord poster on their wall; it was something like a Countach or a Testarossa, right? Maybe you lusted after those 1980s 200-mph weapons, the […]

by Bradley Brownell