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Wait, no, seriously: Apple and Hyundai set to pen partnership deal for electric car: Report

Is Hyundai going to partner with Apple for an electric car or not? At first, a statement was published saying that it was going to happen. Then, after Hyundai’s stock shot up the company removed Apple from the statement.

It appeared someone made an oops. But apparently the oops wasn’t announcing a deal that wasn’t going to happen, but rather announcing it too soon.

Reuters is reporting that both companies will, in fact, sign a deal by March for autonomous electric cars. Production of these vehicles is said to start around 2024 in the United States.

A previous version of the report said that the Kia Motors plant in Georgia would be where the cars are built, but it could also be a new facility funded by both companies.

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This report also states that Hyundai and Apple will release a beta version of the Apple vehicles next year. It’s interesting that they use the term “beta” instead of preproduction, concept, or prototype.

Neither company commented to Reuters for the story.

So is it happening? Signs are starting to really point to yes. Again, we’re not entirely sure why a company that is so used to massive margins with low liability risk would want to get into the low margin, high liability risk of making cars, but we don’t have any inside information.

Do you think the Apple electric car is coming? Let us know!

Written by Chad Kirchner
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