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The 2022 Nissan Ariya’s exterior colors span the entire spectrum

Nissan has shown the 2022 Ariya’s entire exterior color palette and there’s a whole range to suit every taste. Two of the 10 choices are even exclusive to Nissan’s new battery-electric crossover. The hero color, Akatsuki Copper, looks like a mix of bronze and rose gold complemented by a contrasting black roof. Aurora Green is the second Ariya-exclusive color and is available only as a single-tone option. Both are inspired by nature; Aurora Green is named after the aurora borealis while Akatsuki Copper’s shade is similar to the type of hues you see during sunrise. The U.S. appears to also be getting two extra colors including a solid white and Champagne Silver.

The other colors are created using advanced technologies for improved detail and depth. Pearl Black and Pearl White, for instance, uses a new pigment to add richness and brilliance. “We know that black and white colors are some of the most popular options with vehicle owners in Europe and around the world,” said Lesley Busby, Nissan Design Europe’s Color Manager. “With Ariya, we have introduced a new level of richness and a premium veneer for these customer favorites.”

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As part of its move to reduce its carbon footprint, Nissan has also implemented ways to make the painting process more sustainable. The type of paint used is water-based, allowing it to be applied at a lower temperature and ensure every part of the car gets painted together. By making painting a streamlined process, Nissan says that this reduces the carbon dioxide outputs by 25 percent.

Written by Stefan Ogbac
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