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Tesla, please fix this person’s Model 3 headlight (Updated)

When the CEO of the company is active on social media, it’s common for customers to reach out to them. When the company’s support leaves a bit to be desired, customers reach out with quality concerns.

For Twitter user John Kraus, he wants to get the headlight fixed on his car.

According to Kraus, his Tesla Model 3 hasn’t had a functioning driver’s side headlight in 3 months. THREE MONTHS! He says two service centers haven’t been able to help, are slow to respond, failed an attempt to fix, or just lacked the parts.

Not surprisingly, he’s reached out on Twitter to try to get the head of the company to help. He’s under the impression that he should be able to drive his automobile at night.

While yes, LED headlights are technically more complicated, there’s absolutely no excuse for something like this. There isn’t an excuse for a lot of little things that Tesla just seems to not be able to get right.

Meanwhile, the company is focused on “Full Self Driving” and the CEO is focused on posting dank memes.

While we don’t have the power to fix John’s car, maybe someone reading this wouldn’t mind getting John’s headlight operational again so he can enjoy driving his car when the sun isn’t in the sky?

Updated (9:23am EST, 12/31/2020): John now has a loaner and his car is apparently getting fixed.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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