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Standard Tesla Model S is no longer priced at $69,420

Remember when Elon Musk lowered the price of the Model S to $69,420 so that Tesla would be able to compete with the unreleased Lucid Air? Well that price didn’t stick around long.

With the introduction of the updated Model S today, the price of the Long Range model increased to $79,990 before destination. For your extra $10,000, you get a little bit more range and a quicker acceleration to 60 mph.

The new range is rated at 412 miles, and the updated 0 to 60 mph time is 3.1 seconds. While we’d argue that isn’t really that important to folks buying the Long Range model, it is quicker.

The Model S does have a significantly updated interior, with new screens and a new infotainment interface for the rear seat passengers. It appears to be much nicer than before, but we’re still unsure about the steering wheel that is missing half of its roundness.

Musk told us the reason for lowering the price was to stay competitive. Nothing has changed since that price change a few months ago. While a price increase is typically expected with the introduction of a refreshed model, it’s still a bit jarring to see so much go up.

If you order one of these new Tesla Model S Long Range variants, you can expect to take delivery in March.

What say you? Does the price increase put you off to the new model, are do you think the updates and changes are worth the additional price of admission? The Model S is the only electric on sale right now that offers 400+ miles of range.

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Written by Chad Kirchner
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