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Rivian powers holiday lights display from the new R1T electric pickup

We’re in the middle of holiday season and the end of the year 2020 is on the horizon. To help celebrate this year, which has been anything but normal, Rivian invited the families of the workers in Normal, Illinois to come out and check out the truck.

In the holiday spirit, though, there was a light display. Those lights were powered exclusively by the onboard power supply of the upcoming Rivian R1T pickup.

According to a tweet from Rivian, there were 20,000 lights — presumably all LED — powered by a single outlet of the R1T.

In a reply to a message, a Rivian social media gumshoe said that it was all connected to one 110-volt outlet on the truck.

Seriously, though, you need to watch the video. There are puppies and they’re wearing glow necklaces. And there’s tunnel puppies.

Really, @dog_rates on Twitter should be watching this video.

The question is, how many lights can you operate from a Rivian R1T? What kind of synchronized display can you run out in the desert? Our inner-nerds really want to find out.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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