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Power Innovations providing the juice for the Rivian R1T and others during Rebelle Rally

The upcoming Rebelle Rally is an event that tests the endurance and capability of both the team driving and the vehicle itself. Taking place in the desert, however, creates some interesting challenges if you’re running a vehicle that requires electricity. Power Innovations has the answer.

For this year’s Rebelle Rally, Power Innovations is providing green power for BEV fast charging and for base camp operations. The entrants this year in the BEV and PHEV class do not compete in a separate class as their gasoline-powered counterparts, but the rules do allow for on course rapid charges.

How is this being done? Power Innovations is bringing their most advanced BEV charging technology, which can store as much as 4,000 kWh of juice. They call it the “Green Energy on Wheels,” and this is the first time it is been done at this scale.

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The station will collect the renewable energy by day, and then charge the electric vehicles in the evening. Presumably that means solar is a key element.

“We have a history of accepting challenges that have never been done before — things that a lot of people classify as unrealistic. These challenges push us as individuals and as a company to do hard things. Challenges that will make a positive difference for us all. This challenge should help us all rethink the possibilities of BEV and H2 as we commit to a green future without limits,” noted Robert Mount, President and CEO of Power Innovations.

As BEVs become even more mainstream, models like what is coming from Rivian will need to be able to charge in places that a Leaf will never go. Companies will be quick to figure out solutions to take advantage of these new opportunities.

Rebelle is also a great opportunity for Rivian to show that they mean business. “Adventures like the Rebelle Rally are what Rivian vehicles are made for. It is meaningful to join as the rally’s first all-electric vehicle,” noted Amy Mast, Rivian’s Public Relations Director.

The Rally starts on Thursday, October 8th.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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