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Plug-and-charge capability coming to 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 SUV

Making life much easier for its customers, on Wednesday, Volkswagen announced that it’s bringing super convenient plug-and-charge functionality to the 2023 ID.4 SUV early this year.

This feature is a game-changer for EVs. Not having to fumble with a credit card or worry about whether you’re logged into the appropriate smartphone app greatly enhances the ownership experience.

VW’s implementation of plug-and-charge will work with the Electrify America DC fast charging network. After activating the feature, drivers can simply pull up to the cabinet of their choice, plug their ID.4 in and the vehicle will automatically start absorbing energy. There’s no app to wrangle or credit card to swipe.

Making this deal even sweeter, the ID.4 comes with three years of free 30-minute DC fast-charging sessions, something that should be easy to take advantage of because Electrify America operates more than 4,000 chargers at 900-plus stations across North America. And according to the automaker, when drivers charge their ID.4s at Electrify America, the power provided is “backed by 100% renewable energy,” a small step toward a greener, cleaner future.

2023 Volkswagen ID 4 S RWD 01
Just roll up to the charger, plug in and you’ll be good to go. Photo credit: EV Pulse / Craig Cole

Other automakers, including Ford, GM, Porsche and Tesla offer plug-and-charge capability with their EVs, though in our experience, this feature never really works as advertised, except, of course, for Tesla. Roll up to a Supercharger in the Musk-mobile of your choice, plug it in and the vehicle seamlessly and reliably starts absorbing energy nearly every single time. Hopefully Volkswagen and Electrify America’s implementation of this tech is just as dependable.

Written by Craig Cole

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