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Nissan unveils physical version of Max-Out convertible concept

On Wednesday, Nissan unveiled a physical version of its all-electric Max-Out concept vehicle that debuted in virtual form back in November of 2021 when the automaker’s Nissan Ambition 2030 plan was announced. The adventurous looking design study will be on display in all its glory at the company’s monthlong Nissan Futures showcase at its global headquarters in Japan.

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The Max-Out concept is a two-seat convertible that’s designed to encourage the driver and passenger to feel like they’re one with the car. Since there’s no fixed roof and the windshield header is barely, barely there, this vehicle should provide an open, airy driving experience.

230201 nissan futures japan photo 06
Don’t look for the Max-Out at Nissan dealers anytime soon. Photo credit: Nissan

It’s unlikely the Max-Out will ever make it into production, but nonetheless this concept rides on a skateboard-style chassis with independent suspension at both ends. An e-4ORCE all-electric al-wheel-drive powertrain provides the motivation and includes an energy-dense yet compact solid-state battery, an energy storage technology that is, regrettably, still under development.

Like other pie-in-the-sky design studies, this one incorporates artificial intelligence that’s intended to help optimize the drive at every moment for a more enjoyable and less-stressful experience. Based on a video shared by Nissan, it appears the Max-Out concept can communicate with other road users and even infrastructure to achieve these goals. Basically, it should have V2X communication capabilities.

Taking a closer look at the Max-Out, it’s a pretty sweet looking ride. Up front, the grille is short but wide, with a large duct running underneath the hood, similar to the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept that debuted last summer. Air can flow through this Nissan’s grille and up over the windshield, which is unusually rakish and starts super far forward, roughly above the centerline of the front axle.

Nissan Max Out concept car 16
In profile, the Max-Out gives off Italian-exotic vibes. Photo credit: Nissan

The grille, portions of the hood, seats, wheels and even convertible deck area are all illuminated, giving off synthwave vibes, like something from the 1980s. The automaker’s redesigned circular logo is used on the front of this vehicle, but “Nissan” is spelled out on the front fenders just below the hood cutline and on the center of the rear.

This convertible’s sides are almost impossibly clean, nearly devoid of any trim, creases, brightwork or other tacked-on embellishments. Such restraint helps the Max-Out look like a rolling sculpture. The way the tops of the fenders flow into the shoulder line that gently tapers as it runs toward the rear of the vehicle looks intriguing, too. And of course, thanks to that electric powertrain, this car also has super short overhangs. The drive motors and consequently wheels have been pushed far out to the ends, which provides a planted and very attractive look.

Nissan Max Out concept car 20
This concept is super clean and elegant looking. Photo credit: Nissan

Moving around to the back, this design study’s rear closely mirrors the front. A thin rectangle mimics the shape of the grille and surrounds additional illuminated elements.

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As for the upcoming Nissan Futures 2023 event, it runs from Feb. 4 to March 1 and will include weekly discussions on four transportation-related topics: sustainability, economy, innovation and culture. Various experts will participate in these panels, with viewers able to share opinions or other thoughts via social media.

Written by Craig Cole

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