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Navistar partners with In-Charge Energy for charging infrastructure and consulting services

In order for electric vehicles to be widely adopted, there needs to be a solid EV infrastructure in place to support the recharging of these vehicles. Some automakers have built vast networks, like Tesla’s Superchargers, to support that. Others have relied on other companies to put in and maintain the equipment.

Navistar’s business unit, NEXT eMobility Solutions, has signed a master services agreement with In-Charge Energy to provide charging infrastructure and consulting to commercial electric vehicle customers.

“With electric vehicles, it’s important to understand that we can provide the very best bus or truck for our customers, but if they don’t have a partner to show them how to operate it, charge it or take care of it in the long run, it likely won’t be a successful deployment,” said Jason Gies, director, Business Development, Navistar.

While many of you reading this already understand the significance of running an EV fleet, some fleet managers don’t have the knowledge, experience or time to learn what they need to know in order make the switch. That’s where this business partnership comes into play.

They’ll guide the customer to the right vehicle, the right charging stations and infrastructure and provide them with the resources they need to be successful.

Indeed, it is still common to hear basic EV charging questions from people even after companies like Tesla have made the idea of an electric car mainstream. When it comes to commercial deployments and more complicated setups, like DC fast charging, it’s important to have someone who has been there before and can guide the customer through the process.

While taking this proactive approach likely isn’t necessary to sell electric trucks, focusing on customer knowledge and satisfaction will make the transition smoother and likely be a profitable play long-term.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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