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Jeep channeling key X-Men villain for EV Easter Jeep Safari concept

Every year, prior to the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Jeep creates a series of concepts to take out to the desert and show off. It’s a chance to let the design team really be creative and in some cases it even gives us a hint at future products.

This year we knew that one of the vehicles would be an all-electric Jeep Wrangler. Our friends over at CarBuzz discovered a patent referring to a concept motor vehicle called “Magneto.” As it turns out, that name is being applied to the Wrangler EV concept based on a teaser photo released today from Stellantis.

Jeep says nothing about this teaser sketch other than “Design sketches give an early glimpse of the distinct and powerful performance concept vehicles that are set to debut at this year’s annual Jeep enthusiast event in Moab. More information and images coming soon.”

We believe that this is the EV Wrangler concept because it’s using the same blue accent colors that Jeep is using on electrified vehicles.

It is very likely that the EV Wrangler concept will carry this name. It is also just as unlikely that the name will see production. Aside from Disney likely wanting licensing for the name, current Wranglers have names like Wrangler 4xe (the PHEV), Wrangler EcoDiesel (the, umm, diesel), or Wrangler 392 (the big V8 one).

This year’s concepts will be in Moab from March 27 through April 4.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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