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Jeep allocating 4xe models based on state CARB compliance: Report

If you live in a CARB state, your local Jeep dealership is only going to have 4xe Wranglers on the lot. If you live in a non-CARB state, the reverse will be true. That is, unless you custom order.

Based on a report from Automotive News, Stellantis is changing up how it allocates its gasoline-only vehicles. Because Stellantis is not part of the 2020 framework signed by 5 five of the big OEMs, the company has to meet CARB requirements by the vehicles sold in CARB states. Those other 5 OEMs can meet the emissions goals by fleet average in all 50 states.

What does that mean? Unless you custom order your Jeep Wrangler, you might have a limited selection of powertrains on the lot.

For those in CARB states, this is actually not a bad thing. The 4xe Wrangler is generally more efficient and is eligible for the federal tax incentive, potentially lowering the price. And if you do happen to want that 392 Wrangler, you just have to wait a little bit.

In non-CARB states, adoption of 4xe models will be slower. If you can’t just pick one up off the lot, it’s less likely a customer will order one. We still think its worth the wait because of the tax incentive, but people generally aren’t patient.

According to the report, Stellantis did attempt to join the coalition of OEMs in 2021 when it was formed, but they said they weren’t accepting new membership at that time.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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