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Honda creating ‘EV Hub’ in Ohio

Honda is gearing up to produce electric vehicles right in America’s heartland. Late last week, the Japanese automaker announced it’s creating a new EV Hub in Ohio, which will help train workers in the vagaries of electric vehicles, so they’ll be ready to build the company’s upcoming range of modern EVs.

This new industrial center will employ around 300 workers, “associates” in Honda parlance, and will set the standard for how the company manufactures electric vehicles, both in North America and around the world. Additionally, another 300 people at the company’s Marysville Auto Plant will be retrained to assemble Intelligent Power Units. IPUs are the heart of Honda EVs, housing the battery pack and forming a substantial portion of an electric vehicle’s structure.

Overall, Honda is investing more than $700 million to upgrade its Marysville and East Liberty factories as well as the Anna Engine Plant. These enhancements will allow the company to start producing EVs in the U.S., something that’s expected to kick off starting in late 2025.

Honda Ohio EV Hub 02
The automaker is retraining workers to build electric vehicles. Photo credit: Honda

Honda has a large North American manufacturing footprint, particularly in Ohio. More than two-thirds of all the Acura and Honda models sold in the U.S. in 2022 were manufactured in America. The company has built more than 30 million vehicles here since 1982.

Allowing Honda to adapt to changing consumer preferences – for myriad reasons, many American drivers have been somewhat reticent to purchase new EVs – the company’s Marysville factory will have the ability to produce both electric and combustion-powered vehicles on the same production line. This is a cutting-edge upgrade for the very first vehicle assembly plant Honda opened in North America. Some 15 million vehicles have been screwed together in Marysville since the facility opened more than 40 years ago.

“Our EV Hub in Ohio is playing an essential and strategic role for the evolution of EV production at Honda, in North America and globally,” said Bob Nelson, executive vice president of American Honda in a media release shared by the company. “The establishment of our EV Hub is not simply an investment in retooling and equipment, we are investing in the Honda associates who will be taking on new responsibilities to lead us into the electrified future.”

Honda Ohio EV Hub 03
Honda is investing more than $700 million to upgrade a range of manufacturing facilities in Ohio. Photo credit: Honda

Going forward, Honda has a bold vision for a cleaner future. The Japanese company is aiming to sell 100% zero-tailpipe-emissions vehicles by the year 2040. Honda will achieve this by delivering a range of pure electric and hydrogen fuel cell-powered cars and trucks. Naturally, the new Ohio EV Hub will play an important role in this by training workers and gaining vital experience that can be shared globally.

Nelson also noted, “As we prepare for the electrified future, we continue to embrace ‘The Honda Way,’ which emphasizes teamwork, respect and open communication.” He also said these are the core values that have helped Honda grow and will continue pushing them forward.

Written by Craig Cole

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