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Hino INCLUSEV program to offer end-to-end BEV transition for customers

Work Truck Week 2022

Hino Trucks has announced that it will help simplify the move toward zero emissions and sustainable transport via its new Hino INCLUSEV program. This is a portfolio of end-to-end battery-electric vehicle enablement solutions that will be available through the company’s dealer network across the nation. It includes BEV consulting, charging solutions, warranted infrastructure, 24/7 customer service, and Hino electric trucks. Additionally, customers can also bundle everything into a single financed product.

“A first of its kind solution, Hino INCLUSEV keeps the dealer and customer unified through the ownership journey, leveraging Hino Truck’s leadership in delivering the Ultimate Ownership Experience,” said Dominik Beckman, Director of Brand Experience for Hino Trucks. “Unlike other programs, our dealers are engaged every step of the way and consult with customers from start to finish. Our dealers will help determine if EV is the right solution for a fleet and if so, support in setting up what is needed — including a site evaluation, charging solution spec’ing, grant applications, end-to-end financing, installation, maintenance, optimization, and service.”

The INCLUSEV program is a collaboration between Hino Trucks and several key companies that will help ease the move to BEVs. This includes ChargePoint, EnTech Solutions, and Mitsubishi HC Capital America. Every company involved shares the common goal of simplifying and accelerating the transition to BEVs and providing the best customer experience from first interest to ownership and maximizing the return on investment. Glenn Ellis, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience at Hino Trucks noted that centralizing around the customer and dealer cuts the complexity in the process of transitioning to BEVs.

Partnering with ChargePoint provides Hino Trucks customers with the largest charging infrastructure and a full solution provider. Additionally, ChargePoint will also work with you from the initial design to installation and will help customers ensure your system works as efficiently as possible. ChargePoint also offers scalable solutions that will help you grow your charging system when operations expand. EnTech Solutions will offer straightforward infrastructure development and ensure customers maximize their return on investment. Mitsubishi HC Capital America, on the other hand, will help customize financing plans and provide a single financial source for the entire supply chain and align a customer’s capital investment with their goals as they transition to full electrification.

Hino’s INCLUSEV program will also create a new source of income for the company’s dealer network. In addition to selling trucks, they will expand into infrastructure development and transition into technical service points. Since they’ll have access to ChargePoint’s charging network, Hino dealers will be able to act as charging stations for other vehicles.

Like Ford Pro and BrightDrop, Hino appears to be jumping on the all-inclusive bandwagon when it comes to selling its BEVs. Its Project Z initiative confirmed that the company is developing class 4 to class 8 BEV trucks. These will feature both central drive motors and e-axles depending on the application and vehicle requirements. Hino has partnered with Hexagon Purus for the battery-electric powertrain. It will also source battery and electric drive systems from Xos Trucks, specifically its X-Pack unit. Additionally, Hino is working with Toyota on hydrogen fuel cell powertrain applications for class 8 trucks like the former’s XL Series chassis. The first XL8 fuel cell truck was revealed in Aug. 2021.

Written by Stefan Ogbac
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