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Ford E-Transit gets new 186-mile range option, faster AC charging: Report

It appears that on May 11th, we’re going to get a new range option on the electric Ford E-Transit. The updated range will likely come from another battery option pushing range out to 186 miles.

Speaking to a reporter at the ACT Expo, Ford CEO Ted Cannis apparently confirmed the updates and the release date.

Cannis didn’t confirm an actual battery upgrade, but it would be reasonable to assume it’s the base battery in the F-150 Lightning. It also wouldn’t be beyond the realm of possibility that it’s one of the new LFP batteries that Ford just announced would appear in the Mustang Mach-E.

AC charging improvements mean that the van would spend less time dwelling for unique situations where drivers have to opportunistically charge. Additionally, there may be some situations where drivers live where the van they take home can’t be charged, like in an apartment.

The new van will allegedly support up to 19.2 kW of AC charging, which is the max charging rate supported by Ford’s own 80-amp EVSE.

The base range van will still be available with up to 126 miles of range, and we’ve learned through our own testing that the range holds solid even as payload is added.

Right now the E-Transit is available in three different roof heights and three different lengths. We would expect that with the updated range model that Ford would continue to offer all of those variants.

We’ll allegedly learn more on May 11.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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