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Electrify America offering 3 years of free charging for VW ID. 4 owners

Are you eagerly awaiting the new crossover ID. 4 electric from Volkswagen? If you’re in the market to make the purchase, there is another reason why you might pull the trigger. You’ll get three years of unlimited charging on the Electrify America charging network.

Electrify America will provide free charging on their DC fast-charging network to anyone who lease or purchase an ID.4. The company recently completed a route infrastructure install so that drivers could make it from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles entirely on its charging network.

The company is rolling out new chargers quickly, too. According to EA, 96% of all Americans live within 120 miles of an Electrify America charger currently.

“With a relentless commitment to driving the electric vehicle industry forward, Electrify America opened DC fast-charging stations at an accelerated pace of 1.2 per business day in 2019,” said Giovanni Palazzo, president and chief executive officer of Electrify America. “As more and more electric vehicles are introduced to the market, and consumer interest grows, we are excited to announce this agreement with Volkswagen to deliver fast and accessible charging to ID. 4 customers and a new wave of EV adopters.”

It’s no surprise that Electrify America would offer this charging to VW buyers. Remember, funding to get Electrify America off the ground came from the Volkswagen Dieselgate settlement. That being said, the biggest fear of buying an EV is where to charge it, and offering free high-speed charging helped bring attention to Tesla back in the day, and there’s no reason to think it wouldn’t be helpful here.

This news follows the other news that EA is going to a pay by electricity used model in 23 states instead of paying by the minute. Much like how a gas station works, customers can have a similar, and therefore less stressful, experience with their electric car.

All of this appears to be a smart move ahead of the launch of VW’s electric crossover SUV.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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