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Electrify America goes to pricing by the kWh in 23 states and reduces rates

When people first start looking into electric cars, they try to figure out where they’ll charge them when they’re on the go. DC fast charging is growing quickly, but curiously new owners will notice that instead of paying for the electricity used, they pay by the minute. What gives?

By the minute fees, combined with session fees, can grow quickly, especially if the car you are charging isn’t capable of a fast DC charge rate. But thanks to changing rules and companies adapting to demand, that is changing.

Electrify America announced today that they are eliminating by the minute fees and session fees in 23 states. In those states, drivers will pay by the kWh used. This brings EV charging in line with how a gas station works.

For those who were paying the $4/month fee for a discounted rate, they now pay $0.31/kWh for electricity. Everyone else will pay $0.43/kWh. There is still a $0.40/minute idle fee after 10 minutes of charging being completed.

Photo Credit: Electrify America

In states where the new pricing structure doesn’t exist, there are now two tiers of by the minute pricing. There’s a 1-90 kW tier at $0.16/minute and a 1-350 kW tier at $0.32/minute. For those with the $4/month pass, that drops to $0.12/minute and $0.24/minute respectively.

For those using Level 2 chargers, where available, the per minute rate is $0.03/minute for pay by the minute stations and the DC fast charge rate per kWh at the pay by the kWh stations.

This is a smart move for many EV owners. Most EVs don’t charge at a consistent rate through the entire charge session, and in some cases the power might be trickling into the car but the meter is still charging a peak transfer rate. Paying by the kWh just makes sense.

“Electrify America has listened to feedback from electric vehicle owners, potential customers, and longtime industry advocates. As a result we have developed a new pricing structure that is fair, consistent, and recognizes the increasing customer demand for kilowatt-hour pricing,” said Giovanni Palazzo, president and chief executive officer of Electrify America. “With the new pricing, we deliver a simplified charging experience that shows new and existing customers how easy it is to own an EV.”

Changes should be effective immediately. Click here to view the pricing tiers in your state.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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