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Dealer meeting reveals GMC Sierra EV coming soon: Report

Dealership meetings are important to keep the stores in the loop on current product, requirements for upgrades, and future product. Rallying the troops and keeping them excited is important, especially in such a crappy year.

But at these meetings, information typically gets out. That is the case of a recent GMC dealership meeting. Not only do we know that dealerships are spending big bucks to get the Hummer EV, but we also know that GMC is considering selling more Edition 1 Hummer EVs.

There was also a bit of news, as reported by the Detroit Free Press, about the GMC Sierra electric pickup. “There will be an all-electric Sierra pickup, but no timeline yet. But the plan is to make it electric,” said Lynn Thompson, president of Thompson Buick GMC Cadillac in Springfield, Missouri.

There will also, apparently, be several battery electric vehicles offered from Buick. That wouldn’t be surprising, considering GM’s overall plans for electrification.

While no timeline was given, we’d have to imagine we’ll see some information pretty soon. Ford is already teasing its F-150 EV that’ll drop sometime in mid-2022. We can’t imagine the General wanting to wait too long for Ford to have all the glory.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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