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GMC dealers agreed to spend up to $140,000 to upgrade for Hummer EV: Report

In order to modernize and prepare a dealership for the upcoming electric onslaught, some investments are in order. Many of these investments come at the direction of the manufacturer, who have particular requirements when it comes to marketing and presenting the vehicles.

Cadillac was notoriously asked dealerships to spend $200,000 for the upgrades it demanded. At least with the Hummer EV, the investment seems lower.

Speaking to the Detroit Free Press, a dealership in the South of Detroit said that they’re required to have a 480-volt level 3 DCFC installed, at a cost of $30,000 or so. That is a requirement for both the GMC dealerships and the Cadillac dealerships, so places that have both only need to make the investment once.

The dealers also said they need 12,000 pound lifts, a 14-by-24-foot stall to store and an 8,000 pound capacity forklift. Remember folks, this truck is big and heavy.

Unlike Cadillac dealerships, though, GMC dealerships aren’t being offered a buyout if the don’t make the upgrades.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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