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Concept Mercedes-Maybach EQS debuts in Munich

IAA Mobility 2021

The Mercedes-Benz EQS sedan and crossover will be two flagship products from Mercedes. Running entirely on electricity, these vehicles represent the future of luxury from the German marque.

Up until this point, we haven’t seen what is in the works from Maybach. The high-end luxury brand for those who can’t get the level of comfort and equipment they expect from a more pedestrian Mercedes have been left in the cold. That is, until now.

The Concept Mercedes-Maybach EQS crossover debuted at this year’s IAA Mobility in Germany, and gives us a glimpse of the Maybach future.

The Concept Mercedes-Maybach EQS is built upon Mercedes’s modular architecture for EVs, and shares a similar overall shape with the EQS crossover. But like the gasoline-powered Maybach vehicles, the Mercedes-EQ Maybach will also be kicked up a notch in both luxury and performance.

“The Concept Mercedes-Maybach EQS represents the transformation of the tradition-rich luxury brand into a more progressive, all-electric future. Like every Maybach, it stands for Sophisticated Luxury in all its facets. The near-production concept car represents proof that state-of-the-art electric drive technology and pioneering infotainment with MBUX Hyperscreen combine perfectly with hallmark Maybach craftsmanship and an exquisite interior. This passionate combination of meticulously perfected details creates a unique automotive luxury experience. With the future all-electric SUV series model, we’re extending our leadership aspirations in the high-end segment to the area of electric mobility, too,” says Philipp Schiemer, Head of Top End Vehicle Group at Mercedes-Benz AG and Chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

Chrome striping and a two-tone paint scheme that makes Maybach identifiable now carries over to the EQS. Like the non-Maybach EQS, the car gets Mercedes’s new Hyperscreen infotainment setup. In this application, though, it receives Mercedes-Maybach specific displays.

Rear seats get the brand’s First Class seating, with two captain’s chairs instead of a bench. A Chauffeur Package adds even more to the luxury.

Like with the “concept” G-Wagen, we don’t expect the production version to change much from what you see here. There might be some slight, subtle changes before launch and updated software, but expect what you see here to be on the streets next year after the EQS SUV goes on sale.

Mercedes-Benz claims that the EQS SUV and the Mercedes-Maybach EQS will both get 600 kilometers of range on the WLTP test cycle.

Here in the United States that would be 373 miles on WLTP, but that’s typically a generous test. We would expect EPA testing to fall into the 270 to 310 mile range when eventually makes its way Stateside.

What do you think? The EQS already is packed with luxury, so is a Maybach variant worth the upgrade? Actually, it probably won’t matter because they’ll sell every one they build.

Regardless, let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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