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Chevy announces Bolt… wait what?

Today, GM Chair and CEO Mary Barra announced that there will be a next-generation Bolt. One of the most affordable EVs currently on sale will survive into the next generation.

This is surprising because GM had previously announced that it was going to kill the Bolt EV and EUV in favor for Ultium-based models set to debut, like the Equinox.

Customers, however, weren’t pleased that the Bolt was going away. That’s probably because it’s actually affordable, and our Bolt EUV video on our YouTube channel is one of our most popular videos.

“Our customers love today’s Bolt. It has been delivering record sales and some of the highest customer satisfaction and loyalty scores in the industry,” said Barra. “It’s also an important source of conquest sales for the company and for Chevrolet.”

So it appears that GM has seen the light and will bring its popular EV forward with the rest of its EV lineup.

GM hasn’t said anything about timing, pricing, or really even any details about the car at all, but we’re glad to see that it’s sticking around. Customers likely are, too.

Written by Chad Kirchner

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