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Chevrolet Silverado EV appears in the dark in recent GM video

CES 2021

During the 2021 CES show, GM debuted a litany of new products centered around its electrification platform Ultium. During one of the sequences, GM showed off some of the new EVs that will be coming down the pipeline. While they were hidden in the dark, it wasn’t hard to figure out that one of them is the upcoming Silverado EV.

If you take a look at the modified picture below, you’ll notice a red vehicle in the back of the shot to the right. When you lighten it up, you can clearly see that it’s the 3-box setup of a pickup truck. It’s also fairly obvious that it’s a crew cab setup.

We see you Silverado EV. Photo credit: GM

Since this was a lineup of electric vehicles, this is obviously the new Silverado EV.

A few things we notice about the truck is that there is a signature light bar going all the way across the front of the truck. The GMC Hummer EV in the front of the shot also has a light bar going all the way across. On the Silverado EV, though, the Chevrolet bow tie logo is also lit.

Enhance. ENHANCE. Photo credit: GM

We don’t know much about the upcoming Silverado EV, other than it’ll use GM’s Ultium battery technology and be the “everyman’s truck” compared to the high-performance and high-priced Hummer EV.

GMC says the range on the top-of-the-line Hummer EV will be approximately 350 miles, and we wouldn’t be surprised if that Silverado EV shared a similar range number.

That’d put it between the Rivian R1T‘s standard range battery and its optional long-range battery. It’d be similar in range to the dual motor Cybertruck. Expect the truck to be available with four-wheel drive.

Its number one competitor will be the F-150 EV, which will enter production in mid-2022. Considering how obvious the truck is in this video, it might be closer to launch than we originally thought. It doesn’t mean that it’d beat the Ford out the door, but it is a strong indicator that we likely be seeing the new Silverado EV in much higher detail very soon.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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