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Chevrolet is considering launching an electric Corvette crossover: Report

Crossovers are all the rage these days. Sports cars are starting to wane in their popularity. For some automakers, they’ve come up with some crazy ideas to keep making money for sports cars. It looks like Chevrolet might be thinking about trying it with an electric Corvette that’s also a crossover.

Bloomberg is reporting that the company is considering expanding the Corvette name into a full-fledged brand and that the first vehicle outside the mid-engine sports car would be a crossover powered entirely by electricity.

GM’s Ultium battery platform is designed to support a wide variety of vehicles, and it would be the basis of an upcoming Corvette crossover.

It’s not unprecedented. Ford did with the Mustang name by introducing the Mach-E electric crossover. It has a Mustang on the grille. While it did anger some people, it turns out it’s a pretty fun car and we’re told that the existence of the Mach-E means that the Mustang everyone else loves will be able to stick around.

Would that be the same thing happening here? We don’t know. GM declined to comment to Bloomberg for the story, obviously, but during the CES announcements GM made, it did show a darkened photo of a bunch of new vehicles. One of those vehicles had similar headlights to the Corvette and it definitely was not a sports car.

Is that an electric Corvette crossover in the back left? Photo credit: GM

Apparently GM designers have also worked on models for a Corvette brand that haven’t been produced for awhile. So there might be some merit to the report.

Honestly? It’s up in the air whether GM would do it, but Chevrolet has done things to nameplates — like the Blazer and TrailBlazer — that enthusiasts might not have expected. It could very well be doing the same right here, right now, with the Corvette.

If it has similar performance numbers as the upcoming GMC Hummer EV, it’ll probably also be an absolute hoot to drive.


Written by Chad Kirchner
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