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BMW’s Neue Klasse vision expands with the electric Vision Neue Klasse X SAV concept

BMW has unveiled the Vision Neue Klasse X, a concept that previews a new generation of fully electric Sports Activity Vehicles (SAVs) slated for series production in 2025. This concept vehicle, part of BMW’s Neue Klasse, showcases the company’s future direction in aesthetics, technology, sustainability, and overall automotive philosophy, emphasizing a shift towards fully electric, digital, and circular design principles. The Vision Neue Klasse X, along with its sedan counterpart introduced at IAA 2023, illustrates BMW’s approach to diversifying its model lineup to meet evolving customer demands.

The Vision Neue Klasse X concept embodies a blend of dynamic performance, efficiency, and a design ethos that prioritizes spacious interiors and a modern, digital user experience. Its exterior design features a clear, reduced language, while the interior boasts a bright, open space enhanced by special lighting and sound effects, courtesy of the next-generation BMW iDrive. The vehicle integrates advanced drive and chassis control technologies for improved driving dynamics, precision, and efficiency, powered by a new software stack developed in-house.

BMW’s commitment to sustainability is evident in the Vision Neue Klasse X, with plans for responsible production, operations, disassembly, and recycling. The concept uses innovative materials, including plant-based, mineral-based, and petroleum-free surfaces, and incorporates recycled mono-materials to enhance recyclability. BMW also emphasizes the use of maritime plastics, sourced from discarded fishing nets, in certain components.

The Vision Neue Klasse X introduces the sixth generation of BMW eDrive technology, promising more efficient electric drive units, improved battery technology, and enhanced aerodynamics for up to 30 percent more range and faster charging times. This advancement aligns with BMW’s goal to reduce CO2 emissions throughout the vehicle’s lifecycle.

Set to be manufactured at BMW’s Plant Debrecen in Hungary, the Vision Neue Klasse X marks a significant milestone in BMW’s history, with the plant being designed to operate entirely on fossil-free energy. This move reflects BMW’s broader strategy to embrace sustainability and innovation in its future models.

Written by EV Pulse Staff

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