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Aston Martin DBX to receive a PHEV variant with up to 800 horsepower: Report

The Aston Martin DBX, the brand’s first crossover, will also be one of the brand’s first plug-in hybrid vehicles. It’s all part of the brand’s plans to have a 90% electrified lineup by 2030.

Aston Martin boss, Tobias Moers, spoke during an investment call about the company’s future. Since Mercedes-Benz has 20% ownership stake in the company, Aston can choose from the Mercedes lineup for powertrains to fit in its vehicles. Moers indicated that a PHEV DBX will arrive by 2024.

Autocar, who reported the comments, suggested that the 4.0-liter V8 powertrain in the AMG GT 63e and S63e could make its way to the DBX. It would already have more power than the standard DBX in that application, but Autocar believes it’ll get a boost to nearly 800 hp, matching that of the upcoming AMG GT 73e and S73e.

All of this makes sense with the timetables that OEMs are setting for offering electrification. Rolls-Royce says it will have an EV by 2030. McLaren already has a new series production PHEV ready for production. The German rivals all have plug-in models available or on the way. Even mainstream manufacturers like Ford, in Europe, plan to have its passenger lineup electrified by that date.

Additionally, Moers stated that the Valhalla supercar’s powertrain will likely be changed before the car goes on sale in the second half of 2023. Deposits have already been taken for the new car, and Aston will show a new version of the concept to buyers in the next four months.

Moers assures that the powertrain will be an appropriately Aston Martin fit.


Written by Chad Kirchner
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