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Apple iOS 14 drops tomorrow with EV route mapping as part of Apple Maps

For those living the Apple lifestyle, there is a big update coming to your iPhone tomorrow. iOS 14 drops with a slew of new features, including updates for getting a better experience out of your car.

One of the biggest features touted during the reveal was Apple Maps supporting route planning based on charging. While we’re not sure quite yet how this works — we’ll know tomorrow when we try it — it is a feature that we haven’t really seen in any generic  navigation app.


One of the key selling points of a Tesla is the built in route planner for the Supercharger stations. It directs drivers to the next charging station they need.

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We don’t expect the iOS 14 route calculator to be that smart — it can’t integrate completely with the vehicle — it’ll put EV route planning front-and-center on millions of phones. That might just push some people over the edge and make the purchase.

If you have an iPhone and need it for your work, you might not want to update to iOS 14 the first day, because there can be bugs even in a final release. But if you do install it tomorrow and try it out, let us know what you think!

Update (8:22AM EDT, Sept 17th): We downloaded the update to iOS yesterday and tried to find out in Maps where to tell it what type of EV we had and plan a route. We were unable to find it. We’re researching and will report back.

Update (9:27AM EDT, Sept 18th): In order to use this function, you have to have the app for your car installed on your phone and that app must support the function. For a detailed explanation on how to use it, check out our guide right here.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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