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Top 5 EVs with the longest range: October 2020

One of the main factors people look for when buying an electric vehicle is range. In the United States, especially, the longer the range the more appealing the car is to prospective buyers.

Here’s a list of the Top 5 longest range electric vehicles on sale in the United States for October 2020.

5. Chevrolet Bolt EV (up to 259 miles)

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The only non-Tesla on our list is the 2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV. Under the EPA testing cycle, the 5-seat hatchback is capable of driving up to 259 miles on a single charge.

DC fast charging comes by way of a CCS/SAE combo charger. The Bolt EV, equipped with the $750 DCFC option, starts at $38,245. Though, there are many deals to be had on the Chevrolet.

4. Tesla Model Y (up to 326 miles)

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Tesla‘s compact crossover is also the model they sell with the least amount of maximum range. If you spec a Model Y Long Range, you get an EPA estimated 326 miles to a single charge.

Opting for a performance model or bigger wheels can reduce that range. The longer range version does benefit from all-wheel drive.

The Model Y starts at $51,190 with delivery for the Long Range model. Future lower-range models will start at less, but aren’t available to order today.

3. Tesla Model 3 (up to 353 miles)

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The Tesla Model 3 is the brand’s mainstream sedan, which just received a few updates for 2021, including a range bump.

A Long Range Model 3 is good for up to 353 miles of range. As with the Model Y, performance variants and larger wheels can reduce range. The Long Range version is also all-wheel drive.

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A Standard Range Plus Model 3, with rear-wheel drive and 263 miles of range starts at $39,190 with delivery. The 353 mile range model starts at $48,190 with delivery.

2. Tesla Model X (up to 371 miles)

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The Model X is Tesla’s first attempt at a crossover, and it has several unique features. The Falcon Wing doors are just one of the many party tricks the Model X has to offer.

The all-wheel drive Long Range Plus version starts at $81,190 with delivery, and features a maximum rated range of up to 371 miles. As before, different wheels and the performance version can reduce maximum range.

1. Tesla Model S (up to 402 miles)

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The Model S is Tesla’s first mass production vehicle. The 4-door sedan with a hatch proved what Tesla was capable of doing, and still continues to receive updates to range and performance.

Next year, it will even be available in a triple motor setup with over 500 miles of range. But until then, the regular Model S is nothing to sneeze at.

Starting at $70,620 with delivery, the Long Range Plus model is the base model. That means a range of 402 miles, with an impressive 0-60 mph time in 3.7 seconds.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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