Why you need a screen protector for the Tesla Model Y touchscreen

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One of the most touched, and interacted with, components in your Tesla Model Y electric vehicle is the touchscreen. The 15-inch Model Y touchscreen is the way in which you interact with the vehicle’s computer for a myriad functions.

The sleek look of the touchscreen is shiny and beautiful. That being said, the glare from the screen can be a dangerous distraction. While not a danger, fingerprints on the touchscreen are unsightly, annoying and can detract from being able to see all the functions while you’re cruising down the highway.

For those Tesla Model Y owners who don’t want to continually clean the screen or deal with the glare, a screen protector is your best bet.

You Need A Screen Protector For The Tesla Model Y Touchscreen

Double-duty screen protectors

When shopping for the screen protector you will discover:

  1. Matte screen protectors
  2. Glossy protectors

Glossy screen protectors will protect the screen from potential damage. A gloss screen protector, as the name indicates, will not protect your eyes from glare nor your vision from being distracted by it.

If you’re going the glossy route, and many do, because they don’t enjoy the look of a matte screen protector, know that you’re protecting it but not preventing glare or fingerprints.

The matte screen protector cuts down on glare and definitely prevents fingerprints from marring the sleek look of the Tesla Model Y touchscreen.

Disadvantages noted by users of the matte screen protectors:

  1. It’s matte. Your sleek touchscreen isn’t shiny and doesn’t look as sleek
  2. Fingerprints won’t be completely eliminated but will be reduced
  3. The screen may look grainy

Advantages of matte screen protectors:

  1. No longer will it feel like you’re fingers are “sticking” when you scroll
  2. There is an anti-glare layer that enhances safety while driving

Is a screen protector right for you and your electric vehicle?

Ask yourself these questions, because only you know whether the screen needs to be protected from life events.

  1. Do you transport people, items or pets?
  2. Do you worry if you brake quickly flying objects could damage the screen?
  3. You don’t want to deal with a dangerous glare
  4. You never use a smartphone without first putting on a screen protector
  5. You worry that for as often as you will touch the screen that it will get scratched, then protect it before it requires it

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Best shopping tips to protect your Tesla’s touchscreen for the long-term:

  1. Tempered glass, if you’re going for a glossy look, is multilayered and has shock-absorbent silicon on the bottom layer
  2. A touchscreen that is 9H rated because this means they are free of abrasive materials. You definitely don’t want to scratch the touchscreen that you’re trying to protect

Where can you buy a screen protector for the Tesla touchscreen?

spigen tempered glass screen protector tesla model 3 model y 1

There are many options and sellers including Tesla, Elon Accessories and AbstractOcean. For less than $50 you can pick up a Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector that is anti-glare, matte and earned 4.7 out of 5 stars from more than 750 consumers.

Read reviews, check out Tesla forums and make an informed purchase for the Tesla Model Y touchscreen.

Also, check for ease of installation. The last thing you want to think about is air bubbles marring the touchscreen! Buy from a company that has uncompromising customer service, designs the screen protector specifically for the Tesla and whether the reseller offers a warranty on the screen protector.

When you’ve spent more than $50,000 for your Tesla electric vehicle you want to protect it and care for it for the long term. Because the touchscreen is the lifeblood of the vehicle, protect it from the day you bring it home with either a matte or a glossy screen protector.

Written by Robbi Hess
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