Should you get a screen protector for your Tesla Model 3?

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Do you grimace when you look at your phone screen and notice fingerprints? If the first thing you do when you pick up your phone is wipe them off  –  you will be well-served using a screen protector for your Tesla Model 3 touchscreen. Imagine getting into your vehicle and being greeted by a screen whose display is covered in fingerprints; if you can’t imagine it, then read on.

You will interact with the Tesla Model 3’s touchscreen more often than you do most other equipment in the vehicle. The 15-inch touchscreen is the interface with which you interact with the vehicle’s computer and that touchscreen can not only get gunked up by fingerprints but it is a major source of glare and that could be a driving safety hazard.

There is no doubt the touchscreen is sleek and stylish but if fingerprints and glare are an annoyance, cover it up and protect it.

Glare and fingerprints on the Tesla Model 3 touchscreen

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Ask yourself: Do you want to spend those first precious moments in your Tesla Model 3 fighting glare and continually wiping off fingerprints? If you said no, you’re not alone.

We’ve found many Tesla owners are a bit OCD when it comes to a fingerprint-free screen. If you’re in that camp, invest in a touchscreen protective cover with a matte finish. We know there are purists who don’t want anything on their car’s screen, no matter how useful, and that’s their choice.

Another benefit of a matte touch screen is to cut back on glare. If you’re driving down the road, glancing at the touchscreen, and are blinded by glare, you want a matte screen protector.

Also, pure protection should be a factor. When you consider how much you paid for your Tesla Model 3 and its sleek interior and amazing touchscreen, do you want to take a chance on the screen getting cracked or chipped? You may think nothing will scratch the surface of the screen; it’s not like you’re shoving it in your pocket like your phone and its scratchable screen, right? You might just be mistaken.

Touchscreen protection types:

  1. Matte: This protects the screen, eliminates pesky fingerprints, and cuts down on glare. It may take you a few days to get accustomed to the somewhat “grainy” look of the screen, but you will appreciate the lack of fingerprints and glare. This one comes highly recommended.
  2. Glossy/glass: This style won’t address fingerprints nor will it provide glare reduction. Why get one? The benefit is simply a protective barrier between life and the touchscreen and scratches. This one offers affordable protection.
  3. PET (polyethylene terephthalate) film. It’s cringeworthy to think anyone would believe this film offers protection to the Tesla Model 3’s touchscreen. It won’t. It’s a factory covering that’s meant to be peeled off once you take delivery of your car. If you want to go the least expensive route, this is it.

You definitely don’t need to put a cover on the touchscreen if you don’t want to. You can use a microfiber cloth to wipe away fingerprints — problem solved.  Not so fast. Dirt and other particles could get embedded, in the microfiber towel, and scratch the screen. Something to think about.

If fingerprints don’t bother you, you still may want to consider a glossy or tempered glass screen cover as an additional layer of safety.

Glare tends to detract from a good drive

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Tesla Model 3’s allow for amazing views when you’re speeding down the highway because of all the windows, Those same windows can be a detriment when you need to see the screen on a sunny day. A matte screen cover will cut down on the glare without impacting clarity.

Do you NEED a screen protector? Maybe not NEED, but many Tesla Model 3 drivers certainly WANT one.

Here are considerations when you invest in a touchscreen screen protector

  • Drivers who use screen protectors on their phones will probably appreciate a screen protector for their vehicles. Those drivers who can’t see the need for a screen protector for their phone will likely feel the same about a screen protector for their vehicle.
  • You transport children and pets. They tend to be messy.
  • You have curious passengers who can’t stop themselves from touching the screen – no matter how often you ask them not to!
  • You’re bothered by glare.
  • You have oily fingers and leads to a lot of fingerprints on the touchscreen.
  • You worry about inadvertently scratching the screen.

Will a matte screen protector take getting used to? Yes

  1. A matte screen is thicker than glossy ones and provides better scratch protection.
  2. You may find your fingers move more easily across the matte screen. There isn’t the “sticking” you sometimes get on the glass screen.
  3. They look dull and you may think it detracts from the sleek lines of your Tesla.

Look for a touchscreen cover that is hardy and that is 9H rated.

Where should you shop for the touchscreen protector?

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There is a myriad of places to buy a screen protector for your Tesla Model 3 touchscreen and you probably don’t want to skimp, do you? There is always Amazon, but be sure to read reviews before you buy. AbstractOcean offers both matte and glossy screen protectors and its site lists a “difficulty rating” for installation — useful! RPM Tesla or Elon Accessories touts that its screen protectors are “invisible yet invaluable,” for protecting your Testa Model 3’s touchscreen. This unit from Spigen even offers an easy installation guide, so you get the perfect fit each time.

Discussions about using a screen protector on the Tesla Model 3 touchscreen are one of those topics that can get heated among Tesla enthusiasts!

No matter which camp you’re in, enjoy the ride!

Written by Robbi Hess
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