The best floor mats for the Ford Mustang Mach-E

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The Ford Mustang Mach-E is an all-new electric SUV from Ford. It comes with carpeted floor mats as a standard feature across the lineup, but if you want to keep the interior of your Mach-E looking good, then you should consider upgrading to a better floor mat.

While a carpeted mat does the job of keep dirt away from the carpeted floor, it doesn’t do as good a job when it comes to liquids. Whether it’s the cup of coffee you just fumbled, or the salty, snowy mess stuck to your shoes, that liquid can seep through carpeted mats.

It not only stains the mats, it stains the carpet underneath. Salt has the added problem of breaking down the fibers in the carpet, which can cause permanent damage. If you want to keep the interior of the Mustang Mach-E looking good, then investing in rubber floor mats is the way to go. There is a rubber mat available directly from your local Ford dealer, or you can choose for something even more rugged. Here are the best rubber floor mat options to consider for the Ford Mustang Mach-E.

1. Caterpillar CAT ToughRide Heavy-Duty Floor Mats

caterpillar toughride heavy duty floor mats

This universal floor mat is designed to fit most cars, trucks, and SUVs including the Ford Mustang Mach-E. It’s trimmable with a pair of scissors to fit the contours of the floor so you have a perfect fit. They’re made from a rubber polymer designed to endure extreme conditions without splitting, cracking, or deforming over time and use. They’re also 100% odorless so your Mach-E won’t smell like rubber, even when the mats are new.

These waterproof mats have diagonal and linear ridges to trap water, snow, and mud so they don’t ruin the carpeting. There are also rubberized nibs on the bottom to keep the mat firmly in place. These are available in black, beige, or gray with a choice of either a four-piece set with two individual rear mats or a three-piece set with a single, longer rear mat.

2. Motor Trend DualFlex All-Weather Floor Mats

motor trend dualflex two tone rubber floor mats

These Motor Trend DualFlex all-weather floor mats are waterproof and rip resistant. They’re made to be trimmed to perfectly fit the dimensions of your vehicle, so you won’t have to worry about the mat not lying flat or bunching up under your feet. They are even contour guides to make them easier to trim precisely. These mats feature a deep ridge pattern that keeps debris in the mat rather than against your shoes and helps keep it from creeping over the sides of the mat to land on the carpet.

Rubberized nibs on the backs of the mats hold them in place while ergonomic grooves on the tops of the mats help provide extra traction for your feet when driving. Available as a four-piece set, it includes two front mats and two rear mats. These black mats feature a two-tone sport design across the front mats available in gray, beige, blue, or red for a pop of color.

3. BDK All-Weather Rubber Floor Mats

bdk all weather rubber floor mats

The four-piece floor mat set from BDK includes two front mats and two rear mats. They’re constructed from performance rubber polymers designed for extreme conditions to resist splitting, cracking, or warping over time. Nonslip rubberized nibs on the bottom keep the mats securely in place while grooves on the tops of the mats give your foot added traction and comfort.

The pattern on these mats is designed to hold liquids in place so mud, snow, and spills won’t seep over the edges of the mats potentially staining the carpet underneath. Installing the mats is simple. Just trim them to fit the floor and you’re ready to go. Choose from either black, gray, or clear.

4. Performance Plus Rubber Floor Mats

motor trend performance plus rubber car floor mats

These floor mats are available as a five-piece set. There are two front mats, two rear mats, and a cargo mat. This not only protects the passenger area from muddy feet, but it also protects the cargo area from whatever you decide to transport whether it’s yard supplies or camping equipment.

They’re made from an odorless rubber compound, so your Mach-E won’t smell like rubber and they’re tested to withstand extreme heat and cold. There are heel pads to cushion your heel and provide extra traction with a square grid pattern to hold liquid and dirt in place on the mat. They’re designed to be trimmed to fit your vehicle and are easy to clean.

5. BDK HybridMat Rubber and Carpet Floor Mats

bdk hybridmat automotive rubber and carpet floor mats

These hybrid floor mats offer the durability of rubber with the more upscale look of a carpeted floor mat. The four-piece set includes two front mats and two rear mats made from a combination of rubber and carpet and can be trimmed to get the perfect fit for your Mach-E.

The outer edges are rubber and have a high edge to keep liquids from seeping over the mat and onto the carpet. The inner sections of the mat are durable carpet, but with rubber inserts in the areas where feet are most likely to cause wear, like right under the accelerator. This helps make these mats durable and prolongs their life. The backs have anti-slip nibs and ridges to keep them from slipping so they remain secure as you drive.

Written by Nicole Wakelin
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