Nissan Leaf electric vehicle range

If you walk into a Nissan dealership to look at one of its electric Leaf hatchbacks, you’ll notice there’s more than one to choose from. What separates the two new models you can choose from is how much range it has. Part of deciding which one to buy is determining how much range you realistically need.

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But once you do know how much range you need, you need to know which Nissan Leaf will support the range you need.

So here’s a breakdown of the Nissan Leaf and its available range.

Nissan Leaf — 149 miles

The standard Nissan Leaf is the least expensive new Leaf you can buy and is the entry point into Nissan’s current electrification efforts (at least until you can buy an Ariya). That Leaf has a 40 kWh battery pack, and can be charged via a J1772 Level 2 charger or a CHAdeMO fast charger. The vehicle comes with a standard Level 1 trickle charger.

Nissan Leaf Plus — 226 miles

The Nissan Leaf Plus is the long range model, which has a 62 kWh battery pack on board. In addition to the better range, the Nissan Leaf Plus makes a bit more horsepower and has faster acceleration.

Like the standard Leaf, the Leaf Plus can be charged by a Level 2 charger or an available CHAdeMO DC fast charger. The Leaf Plus also comes with a standard Level 1 trickle charger that can also support a NEMA 14-50 plug for Level 2 charging.

Used Nissan Leaf — up to 107 miles

Previous-generation Nissan Leafs grew in range over the years as battery technology advanced. The 2017 model — the last year for the old body style — had a 30 kWh onboard battery that could be charged with CHAdeMO or a Level 2 charger. The Leaf, like all electrics, came with a standard trickle charger.

A used Leaf might seem like a good deal, especially as a work car or commuter. Just remember, battery range degrades over time, so you might not end up getting the full EPA-stated range.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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