It pays to shop around to find an EV charger installer

I recently got an electric vehicle charger installed in my home as part of a modernization project that’s finally coming to fruition. Being an auto journalist, I knew I’d need it for my work. Additionally, this could come in handy as electrified vehicles become the norm. So, I shopped around as any smart consumer would and found that some contractors will do most of the work but not all.

In Los Angeles, EVs are a dime a dozen, especially Teslas, so installing a charger in your garage is a common job. During my shopping, I found that the prices weren’t the only things that fluctuated. The way the work was done also varied based on the contractor. One even said that they’ll complete the installation but I had to refill the concrete they had to open up in the walkway separating the main house from the garage. After thinking it through, I immediately canceled my appointment with that contractor and looked for another one.

After a few days of searching, I was able to get a new electrician to give me an estimate. Turns out he was the least expensive one and he wasn’t going to leave the concrete he dug open like the last one. Once that was all said and done, I booked my appointment and a few days later, my charger was installed in the garage. Plus, the walkway came out the same as it was before the job got done. I didn’t need to clean up his work or have another person do it and pay extra for something that should’ve been included in the original work.

The completed job. Photo credit: Stefan Ogbac / EV Pulse

What’s the moral of the story? Shopping around doesn’t only get you the best deal or the lowest price. Treat it like you would buy a car from a dealer and make sure the contractor you’re working with is transparent with you. Each one will do the job to a certain point while others will go above and beyond to make sure your needs are met. Doing so gets the work done right the first time and saves you money in the process.

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Written by Stefan Ogbac
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