How much is a Tesla Model X?

You’ve decided to go electric and want an SUV with the most range out of a single charge. You’re set on a Tesla Model X, the five- to seven-passenger all-electric crossover with the cool falcon-wing doors and all kinds of gadgets. Now, you’re looking to configure the car to see how much it costs. To help you with that, we’ve compiled the different Model X variants to help you choose the right one. Get yourself ready, this electrifyingly cool SUV won’t come cheap.

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At the moment, there are four variants available on the Tesla Model X. The Standard Range Model is rated at 258 miles on a single charge while the Long Range model can go 328 miles. Slotting above those is the Model X Long Range Plus, which is good for 351 miles per charge, and the speedy Performance variant. Your range will vary on the latter; when equipped with the standard 20-inch alloy wheels, the Model X Performance is good for 305 miles on a charge. Opting for the available 22-inch wheels cuts the range to 272 miles.

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Currently, Tesla only has the Long Range Plus and Performance variants available for configuration. We suspect the Standard and Long Range flavors require you to go to a Tesla store to order one. The Model X Long Range Plus will cost you $79,990 to start. The speedier Model X Performance checks in at $99,990, or $20,000 more than the Long Range Plus. That gets you a five-seat SUV equipped with 20-inch alloy wheels, a black interior, a massive 17-inch touch screen, Tesla’s Autopilot semi-autonomous driving assistance suite, and front doors that automatically open and close.

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The available options will easily cause your Model X’s price to go over six figures. Opting for a six- or seven-seat configuration will cost you an extra $6,500 or $3,500 respectively while the so-called “full self-driving capability” suite option adds another $10,000 to the sticker. In terms of cosmetic upgrades, the 22-inch alloy wheels costs $5,500 while extra costs colors add $1,500 (blue) or $2,500 (red). Two-tone interior color options bump the price by another $1,500. All told, a fully optioned Model X Performance will run you $125,990 while the Model X Long Range Plus checks in at $105,990.

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So no, the Model X isn’t cheap and we doubt the Standard Range and Long Range versions costs significantly less than the Long Range Plus. For what you’re spending, you’re getting the latest tech, the cool factor of driving a Tesla, and the blisteringly quick (or ludicrous) acceleration that’s synonymous with the brand. The question is, are you willing to pony up the dough for it?

Written by Stefan Ogbac
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