Enhancing the ownership experience: The first accessories to buy with your new EV

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With any vehicle purchase comes a handful of accessories that will help make ownership easy and a positive experience. We’ve compiled a list of accessories any new EV owner should strongly consider after taking delivery of their new vehicle.

1. Home Charging Station

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Hands-down the number-one accessory any EV owner should buy is a home charging station. Sure, your new EV may have come with a cable that plugs into your dryer socket. However, we strongly recommend leaving that charging cord inside your car (so you have it if needed on the road) and plugging in at home using a stand-alone charging station. Companies like JuiceBox, Charge Point, Bosch and others all have solutions that can be hardwired or plugged into existing 240V outlets. With Wi-Fi control and usage tracking, today’s home charging stations are a great investment.

2. Floor Liners

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Whether you live in an area with nice weather year-round, or the Midwest (like many EV Pulse editors), clean carpet is a beautiful thing. We recommend floor liners — more coverage than standard rubber floor mats. Rather than simply lying flat on the vehicle floor, floor liners provide added coverage keeping floors clean with sides that extend beyond the carpet. Many companies offer them for the trunk and “frunk” too. It’s a bit of an investment, but after a year or two of ownership, there’s sure to be no buyer’s remorse.

3. Tire Inflator

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Just a few degrees of temperature fluctuation can cause a tire’s pressure to drop and seasonal change can be even more impactful. Maintaining the manufacturer’s suggested tire pressure isn’t only a safety measure, it will also help your vehicle eek out every electron from its battery. For just a few Jeffersons, you can pick up a good mobile tire inflator and tire pressure gauge. It won’t take up much space and the one time you’re on the road and need a little air, you’ll be happy you bought this combo.

4. Wheel Locks

No matter where you park your car during the day or at night, wheel locks are worth their weight in gold. For under $100, these little gizmos are a physical and visual deterrent that’ll turn almost any thief away. While no lock is completely fail-safe, wheel locks do provide an added layer of difficulty most thieves won’t bother with. Just make sure you’re getting the right thread size for your vehicle.

5. Paint Protection

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Whether you’re looking for a completely new look (think vinyl wrap) or simply preserving the stock look of your new ride, consider one of many ways to keep the finish looking fresh for years to come. Clear vinyl wraps are a popular option that offer durable protection, but at a steep cost. Alternatively, ceramic coatings are relatively new to the market providing a semi-permanent hard-shell coating on the painted surface. These are gaining steam as a solid option for preserving finishes but they can be incredibly costly if applied professionally. DIY kits are available for those who are handy.

What are your go-to accessories for a new car?

Written by Samanthan Rutherford

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