The best car seat organizers

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It doesn’t matter if you use your car for road trips or for daily commuting to and from work, it’ll eventually get messy. Just like we need cabinets at home to organize our stuff, we recommend getting yourself a car seat organizer to keep your interior tidy. Car seat organizers are especially handy if you often travel with kids, keeping everything within arm’s reach from the back seat. There are front seat organizers too, which are useful if you’re on the go for meetings or visiting clients each day.

Car seat organizers aren’t particularly complex products, but you do want a quality one that will last. More importantly, there’s such a wide variety to choose from that it’s hard to sort the good from the bad. If you’re here because you’re shopping for a car seat organizer and having a hard time picking just one, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll detail our top picks for the best car seat organizers, explaining why we picked them and who they’re best for. Hopefully we can help narrow down your choices and guide you to the right purchase.

1. Top pick: Tidify car seat organizer

tidify car seat organizer

Our top pick comes from Tidify, a company focused on creating products for those who work on locations or travel with families. Along with car seat organizers, Tidify also offers dog travel bags, patrol bags, range bags, telescope carrying bags, and even circuit carrying bags. In other words, they know a thing or two about manufacturing organizers.

The Tidify car seat organizer is one of the more comprehensive offerings around, and we love it because it can be used as a front or backseat organizer, depending on your needs. Inside, you’ll find a padded compartment for your laptop or tablet, along with an assortment of pockets designed to hold nearly everything you need on a day-to-day basis. Strong stitching ensures this car seat organizer is built to last, while an elastic hook strap keeps it in place and makes it easy to install. And if you need to take all its contents with you, an extra padded carrying handle makes it easy to bring it along.

This recommendation is great for contractors, real estate agents, or any other profession that requires you to bring a bunch of items with you everywhere you go.

2. Best backseat organizer: Tsumbay backseat car organizer

tsumbay car backseat organizer

If you’re shopping for a backseat car organizer and don’t need a pair of them, consider this recommendation from Tsumbay. Available in four different colors (beige, black, brown, and pink) to best match your interior, this backseat car organizer is constructed from high quality PU leather, making it waterproof and durable. What’s great about this product is the foldable built-in tray, which comes in handy on long road trips where your passenger might have to eat inside the car. It’s also a great place to hold a tablet to keep a child entertained while on the road.

A plethora of pockets designed to store anything from bottles to magazines are available, and installation is straightforward with its adjustable buckle strap. One thing to keep in mind is that this car seat organizer isn’t compatible with front seats that have an integrated headrest or no headrest at all. Also, it won’t work if the front seat has a built-in screen. If that doesn’t apply to you, it should check all the boxes if you’re often traveling with kids and tired of the mess being left in the back seat.

3. Runner-up: Lusso Gear car seat organizer

lusso gear car seat organizer

If you don’t want to fuss with installing an organizer that hangs from the seat, take a look at this product from Lusso Gear. It’s still a car seat organizer, but it’s more like a caddie that can be buckled in to keep it secure. It’s versatile too, as you can use it as a trunk (or frunk) organizer and its built-in handles make it easy to transport all its contents to and from the vehicle.

Built to carry an assortment of items, there is a total of nine storage pockets: a pair of spacious main bag areas, one secure rear zipper pocket, four built-in cup holders, and two front-facing mesh pockets. Choose from a few different finishes, including black, black with red stitching, brown, gray, and tan. Overall, it measures 10″ wide, 18″ long, and 9″ tall.

One thing we really like about this organizer is that when you don’t need it, it can be folded up and stored inside your glove box — it gets that compact!

4. Also consider: High Road DriverStash front seat car organizer

high road driverstash front seat car organizer

If you are looking for a more compact and basic car seat organizer that is similar to our top pick, consider High Road’s DriverStash. Like our top pick, this organizer can be used in either configuration and features a padded tablet holder, card slots, three front pockets, and two mesh pockets along with its center compartment to keep everything organized. You’ll also find a leakproof, insulated cup holder inside that does an adequate job keeping your drinks chilled or warm.

Overall, this is one of the more compact car seat organizers on our list of recommendations, measuring 10.5″ wide and high by 7″ deep. This is a great choice for those who don’t have a lot to carry around, but want to keep what little they do organized.

5. Best value: H Helteko backseat car organizers

h helteko backseat car organizers

Got a pair of little ones to keep entertained on long road trips, or even a short commute filled with stop-and-go traffic? If you need a pair of backseat car organizers, H Helteko has just what you need. Each organizer features nine different storage compartments, varied in size, including a tablet holder and pockets for drinks. Constructed from 300D Oxford fabric, these are durable organizers despite their affordable price tag. The large pockets are designed to hold anything from books to snacks and best of all, like other backseat organizers, these will keep the back of your front seat protected.

As our award suggests, this recommendation is great for those shopping on a budget as you get two organizers for what is essentially the price of one. It’s also the obvious choice if you need two backseat organizers.

6. Honorable mention: Lovely Bamboo car seat gap filler

lovely bamboo car seat gap filler

This isn’t quite your traditional car seat organizer, but we wanted to include it on our list as a viable alternative for those looking for something more compact and integrated with their vehicle. There are a few companies that offer car seat gap fillers, which are essentially storage pockets that can fit in the gap found between your seat and center console. If you don’t particularly like the style of our recommendation, feel free to take a look around at other car seat gap fillers, as they’re all pretty similar in function. Just make sure you’re buying a quality one.

As for our recommendation, it comes from a brand called Lovely Bamboo and it’s made from high quality, black ABS plastic. Nonslip pads can be found to keep your items from sliding around inside the pockets. Each organizer measures 11.02″ by 6.89″ by 3.94″ and will not fit gaps wider than 0.78 inches, so measure accordingly before you check out.i

What is a car seat organizer?

Car seat organizers are designed to keep your interior nice and tidy, giving you a place to store all the random items you need to go about your day. Whether it’s traveling with kids or going to and from work meetings, car seat organizers will help keep you sane by leaving you a lot less of a mess to clean up at the end of the day. They come in a few different forms as you can tell by our list of recommendations. Most organizers hang from your front seat, with some facing forward and some facing backward, depending on your needs. There are also car seat organizers that simply sit on your seat, offering a portable storage area for all your items.

How do I choose the best car seat organizer?

Choosing the best car seat organizer mostly boils down to your needs. For starters, you’ll want to determine whether you need to organize items for yourself or your backseat passengers. From there, decide whether you want something that installs onto your front seat, or an organizer that can be buckled in while sitting on top of the seat. Finally, figure out just how many items you need to store on a daily basis, helping you choose what size organizer and how many pockets you actually need.

There are some car seat organizers designed specifically for backseat passengers that feature integrated tablet holders or even tray tables. Other organizers are more basic and universal, with just large pockets to store all sorts of items. Our recommendations cover a wide variety of different options, so hopefully there’s one that fits your needs on our list.

How do I clean a car seat organizer?

Most car seat organizers should be washable. When shopping for one, make sure you get an organizer that is made from materials that are waterproof, washable, and durable. This way, you can wipe it down  with a damp cloth or interior cleaner without causing any damage.

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