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Automakers need their own EV social media superstars

When working on building this very site, there became a need to create a list of people who work with brands and companies that talk about EVs online. For companies like Tesla, that’s easy. You just add Elon Musk to the list. Trevor Milton at Nikola also makes sense.

It quickly became apparent that very few of the legacy automakers have someone doing that very thing. Sure, companies like GM and Nissan are woking hard on future electric vehicles, but locked-down communications offices and strict social media policies prevent someone from tweeting about the company, even if they don’t give away any trade secrets.

Part of the hoopla surrounding Tesla is how active CEO Elon Musk is online. For better, or in many cases worse, Musk keeps the conversation going and people interested in his products. He communicates with the people.

While I’m not suggesting that every OEM find their own Elon Musk and put them on the socials, I am suggesting that having a representative working on future products provide genuine social interactions online of what is happening in the industry.

This can be done 100% without revealing product secrets, breaking any company rules, or spilling the beans on the next greatest thing. It can, however, improve customer engagement, increase sales, and improve overall brand satisfaction.

Plus, let’s face it, it’d make my list making for The Pulse page easier!

Written by Chad Kirchner
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