Nissan’s EV future will look different from its EV present

Nissan was the first automaker to bring an affordable electric vehicle to the mainstream with the Leaf. While many of us credit Tesla for making them popular, the Leaf was on sale and in driveways while cars like the Model 3 were just a figment of Elon’s imagination. Over the years that followed, each company […]

by Chad Kirchner
Alternating Currents: It’s time for a real speed limit

Back in 1974 the federal government took drastic action to reduce energy consumption by the nation’s automobiles in the wake of the oil crisis. Price spikes and supply disruption saw the passage of the Emergency Highway Energy Conservation Act, which prohibited drivers from exceeding 55 miles per hour on any American road. For twenty-one years […]

by Bradley Brownell
Alternating Currents: EVGo’s Terms of Service updates ultimately hurt EV adoption

  Enthusiasts, and I mean the dyed-in-the-wool wrenchers, homebuilders, and tinkerers, are the lifeblood of any automotive community. Those non-factory engineers and hobbyists have historically cultivated the foundation upon which car culture lives and thrives today. The qualities that modifiers and hot rodders imbue into their creations push demand from consumers and eventually trickle into […]

by Bradley Brownell
Alternating Currents: Don’t make your car your entire personality

Choosing what car you drive says a lot about who you are as a person and what things you value. Maybe you chose your car to be a unique extension of who you are. Maybe you chose your car because you wanted to flex on fools or show off your wealth or because it was […]

by Bradley Brownell
Understating electric vehicle range doesn’t help just as overstating range doesn’t help

This week it was discussed that with some conservative independent testing, the Porsche Taycan 4S is capable of approximately 100 miles more range than stated on the sticker. In that same testing, none of the Tesla models tested reached the stated range. Obviously overpromising and underdelivering is not a great way to sell cars. Electric […]

by Chad Kirchner
Toyota’s new BEVs will be obvious choices

Toyota isn’t known as a brand that takes a lot of risk, especially in the 21st century. When it came to actually taking a risk on a new sports car, it partnered with BMW to make it happen. The company has been slow to adopt battery electric technology. That’s about to change, though, as Toyota […]

by Chad Kirchner
Alternating Currents: EV adoption is not a competition

I didn’t even watch the game, because I honestly couldn’t be bothered, but as a student of the advertising industry, I am perennially interested in the big dollar ad spends that happen every year during the Super Bowl. Yes, it’s the middle of the week and I’m still thinking about that awful General Motors commercial […]

by Bradley Brownell
Toyota models that should be ready for Prime time

Toyota‘s Prime family of plug-in hybrids is growing at what could best be described as a ‘cautious’ pace. In a world where plug-ins are becoming increasingly common alongside traditional battery-assisted hybrids, it’s hard to understand why the auto industry’s BEV pioneer has been content to restrict its Prime brand to the Prius hatch and the […]

by Benjamin Hunting
Alternating Currents: Don’t sleep on the Harley LiveWire

After a few thousand miles on Harley-Davidson’s exquisite LiveWire electric motorcycle, I can’t help but think that this is some kind of hidden secret that electric fanatics and motorcycle buffs alike are missing out on. Not only is it the greatest motorcycle I’ve ever ridden, but it is definitively the most fun electric vehicle to […]

by Bradley Brownell
For the Nissan Maxima to survive, electrification is a must

One of the most beloved sedans from Nissan’s lineup, the Maxima now lives in the shadow of the crossover craze. As traditional four-doors become less common, automakers need to go the extra mile to lure consumers into sedans. In the case of the Nissan Maxima, it’s straddling the mid-size and entry-level luxury sedan classes, which […]

by Stefan Ogbac