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WeaveGrid and Wallbox partner to enhance EV charging with Xcel Energy’s program in Colorado

WeaveGrid, a pioneering software company in electric vehicle (EV) grid integration, and Wallbox, a leader in EV charging solutions, have announced a collaborative effort to broaden access to utility-managed charging programs for EV owners in North America, starting with Xcel Energy’s Charging Perks Program in Colorado, which serves approximately 1.3 million residential customers.

The partnership enables Wallbox charger owners in Colorado to enroll in Xcel Energy’s Charging Perks pilot program. This innovative program aligns residential EV charging with periods of high renewable energy availability, primarily wind power in Colorado. Participants will benefit from a $100 sign-up incentive, annual participation rewards, and cost savings by charging during low-cost periods. This initiative also supports the growth of EVs by optimizing charging times for the electric grid and leveraging renewable wind energy.

WeaveGrid and Wallbox aim to extend these benefits to Wallbox charger owners nationwide. With power consumption expected to triple by 2050 and renewable energy integration set to double in the next 15 years, solutions like this partnership become increasingly essential. WeaveGrid’s software is designed to optimize EV charging, aligning it with renewable energy peaks and ensuring grid reliability, while giving drivers control over their charging preferences.

Yakov Berenshteyn, WeaveGrid’s Director of Automotive and Charging Partnerships, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting Wallbox’s smart home chargers’ load-balancing capabilities as key to expanding utility-managed charging programs. “Our goal is to eliminate barriers to EV adoption, making EV charging more affordable, reliable, and clean for Wallbox owners,” he said.

Brett Graessle, VP of Global Partnerships and Business Development at Wallbox, emphasized the company’s commitment to simplifying smart EV charging. “Our partnership with WeaveGrid is facilitating easier and more economical EV charging for Colorado-based Pulsar Plus owners, while supporting the grid through managed EV charging. We look forward to the continued benefits this partnership will bring to our customers,” he stated.

To participate in the Xcel Energy Charging Perks program, Wallbox owners need to register and enroll their chargers through the Charging Perks website. Once enrolled, they will automatically receive program benefits, including financial incentives and low-cost charging periods. WeaveGrid’s software will manage the charging schedule to coincide with times of low grid stress and high renewable energy availability, contributing to grid stability and environmental sustainability, while offering cost savings to EV drivers.

Written by Chad Kirchner

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