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Upcoming Nissan 400Z Nismo might include electrification: Report

One of the issues we pointed out with the Nissan Z Proto when it debuted was there was a lack of any electrification option. For a car that might be around for a decade or more, that seems like an overlooked feature. Apparently, it’s still possible.

In an interview with Australia’s Motoring publication, the Chief Product Specialist for GT-R and Nismo, Hiroshi Tamura, would not rule out a high-performance Z and was adamant that Z would have either a hybrid setup or pure electrification.

“At the beginning we have to think deeply about many solutions that come from customer voice,” Tamura-san said. “Then after that if customers strongly request some kind of hybrid system we have to do that.

Motoring speculates that the Nismo version could debut with the electrified version of the VR30DDT V6 that was developed for the Infiniti Project Black S prototype.

Tamura-san wouldn’t say when the production Z will debut and go on sale. “I can’t say when we will release the production model. I’m sorry. Let’s say it’s not so far but not so early. If I can give you the other extra hint you have to check about GT-R Proto,” he said.

We eagerly await that future.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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