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Toyota developing battery electric crossover on new e-TNGA platform

Toyota is working hard on its e-TNGA platform, designed for electric vehicles, and it will be previewing the first production version based on this platform in the coming months.

This vehicle, slated to be released in Europe, is the first of many vehicles that’ll ride on this platform. The architecture allows for front-, rear-, or four-wheel drive layouts and supports different motors and battery configurations.

Imagine one platform versatile enough to potentially handle an entire range of varying vehicles and types.

“Toyota will shortly take the next step in the rollout of its forthcoming battery-electric portfolio by first previewing an all-new mid-sized SUV in the coming months. The versatility and flexibility of e-TNGA technology allows us to design and create vehicles that are not just battery-electric, but also exciting to drive and beautiful to look at,” said Koji Toyoshima, deputy chief officer of Toyota’s ZEV factory, where this vehicle will be built.

Aside from this bit of news, all we have is the silhouette of the vehicle and the details of the overall e-TNGA platform. But we should know more in the coming months.

Now what about the U.S. market, Toyota?

Written by Chad Kirchner
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