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These states lead the nation in adoption of EV infrastructure

Consumers who decide to take the plunge and buy an EV will ultimately need a place to charge it. Most charge at home, while others charge at work. But if you live in a multiunit dwelling, or are looking to take a road trip, you’re going to need another place to charge.

QuoteWizard recently took a deep dive into seeing which states had the most EV adoption, and which states had the most options for recharging electric vehicles.

As you’d expect, California and Vermont lead the nation in electric vehicle sales. Colorado is also in the top 3. California represents 47% of the total number of EVs on the road.

On the bottom end of the list, Arkansas, Alabama, and Mississippi have the lowest electric vehicle adoption rate.

As a whole, the United States has an electric vehicle adoption rate of 0.49%. Per 10,000 registered vehicles, there are 9.7 electric charging outlets nationwide.

California’s state adoption rate is 1.7%, with 23.8 outlets per 10,000 vehicles. Vermont’s adoption rate is 0.49% with 35.7 plugs per 10,000 cars. Colorado’s adoption rate is 0.65% with 18 plugs per 10,000 vehicles.

While this shouldn’t come as a surprise, the states that have the most EV incentives also have the highest adoption rates of EVs.

In California, which tops the list, there are 94 government incentives. For Arkansas, which is at the bottom of the list, there is 1.

Under the Biden administration, we expect there to be a renewed focus on electric vehicles and the infrastructure behind them. The President has indicated that he wants the entire government fleet of vehicles — some 645,000 — to be all-electric. That includes the entire mail delivery fleet.

Infrastructure will be needed to keep up with just that demand. Work also will need to continue on making our power grid cleaner. Electric vehicles are a great alternative to ICE, but if they’re powered by coal power plants the benefits are negated.

To see where you state falls on the list of incentives, charging stations, and EV adoption, you can view the full report here.


Written by Chad Kirchner
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