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Tesla removes 7 day no hassle return policy on new cars sold

One of the disadvantages of buying a new car without driving it is that you aren’t sure what you’re going to get. With Tesla‘s build quality issues of the past, being able to spend a week with your new purchase was a crucial step to build confidence in the vehicle  you purchased. Now that feature is gone.

It is being reported that Tesla has removed the 7 day, 1,000 mile return policy from the website on all new vehicles sold. Apparently, folks wanting to return their cars are directed to their local service department — presumably to offer a fix — instead of giving their money back.

This could be happening for one of two reasons. Either nobody is actually returning their car, and it’s silly to keep such a policy in place, or people are using it more than Tesla expected and they can’t afford to continue offering the policy.

We recommend looking over your new purchase carefully before singing the final paperwork and leaving the delivery center. Also, drive the car first before signing to make sure everything is okay. Your service center should have no problems honoring this request.

Why do you think they pulled the plug on the program? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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