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Tesla offering Enhanced Autopilot to regular Autopilot owners

Do you have a Tesla with regular Autopilot but want some of the features of Full Self Driving without spending the $8,000. Now you can. Enhanced Autopilot is now available for $4,000.

What does your 4 grand get you? You get the fantastic Navigate on Autopilot feature with automatic lane changes. That makes highway driving a snap, and advances Autopilot capability past some competitors like BMW’s Highway Driving Assistant.

Screenshot: EV Pulse

There is also an Autopark function, for automatically parallel or perpendicular parking. Finally there’s Summon, so you can call your car to you out of a small parking spot or in a parking lot.

We’re not sure how many vehicles this will be available on, but this app screenshot comes from an owner of a Standard Range Plus 2019 Model 3.

Now that some features are split from FSD, are you making the upgrade?

Written by Chad Kirchner
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