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Tesla Cybertruck can really only happen in United States, smaller version for rest of world: Battery Day

Tesla‘s Battery Day is here, and during the predictable question and answer session, someone asked about the Cybertruck.

According to Musk, they’ve “stopped counting” reservations. Musk says that when Giga Austin is up and running, 250,000 to 300,000 Cybertrucks produced a year will be possible.

Due to legal reasons, the Cybertruck as it is wouldn’t sell in the rest of the world. Musk admits that the United States is the largest truck market, but he thinks there’ll be a smaller version designed for foreign markets that meet their regulations and, quite frankly, the smaller roads of places like in Europe.

Musk hopes he’ll be able to direct sell the Cybertruck in Texas. Interestingly, he points out, you can lease a Tesla in Texas. But to buy a car, you have to “click on a link in California.”

The new battery design will be crucial to get the range and charge speed out of the Cybertruck.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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