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Smaller, $25,000 fully-autonomous Tesla car coming according to Musk: Battery Day

During Tesla‘s Battery Day event, CEO Elon Musk said that he has a less expensive car on the way. While he wouldn’t give many details, he said it’d be $25,000.

Tesla says it’ll be able to lower prices per kWh by 56% thanks to improvement in manufacturing and battery designs, and when that happens Tesla will be able offer the less expensive car.

Screenshot: Tesla via YouTube

Tesla said to expect the car in “3 years,” which we assume is based on the scaling up of the new battery manufacturing technology.

Musk also said, a bit off the cuff, that the car will also be autonomous. Does that mean Full Self Driving will be included? Will Full Self Driving even work in 3 years the way it is promised?

During the question and answer session afterwards, Musk did say that the company has not named the new car yet.

Is $25,000 the sweet spot? With lower cost of overall ownership, it seems like a smart move, assuming they can do it profitably.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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