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Rivian to adopt NACS and access Tesla Supercharger network by 2024

In an email circulating this morning, Rivian announced that it will support the Tesla connector charging standard by 2024, and provide Rivian drivers access to the 12,000 charging stations on the Tesla Supercharger network.

Following the lead of Ford, and then General Motors, Rivian is the next electric OEM to dump CCS for NACS.

Rivian provided a Q&A in the email addressing some common questions.

Rivian is adamant that you don’t need to wait to get a NACS-equipped vehicle. The company assures us that adapters will be available and that the Tesla charging sites will be added to the Rivian navigation system.

Also, at this time, this announcement doesn’t change the company’s plans to expand out its 3,500 fast chargers as part of the Rivian Adventure Network.

Opening up to the Tesla network gives Rivian, GM, and Ford buyers access to a large and redundant charging network in addition to what is already available. Plus, the NACS connector offers some advantages — mainly in size — over CCS which makes it easier for people of all ages to manipulate the connector and make a solid connection to the vehicle.

So the question we have for you all is… who’s next?

Written by Chad Kirchner
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