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Ram teases Revolution EV pickup truck concept again, pushes reveal to CES

This morning the folks at Ram Trucks dropped another teaser for its upcoming Ram Revolution electric pickup truck concept. Along with that, the company has provided a bit more information about when we’re going to see the actual truck debut.

The teaser image shows the truck in profile with a futuristic take on the RAM badge on the side. If the rendering is to be completely believed, the emblem appears to even light up.

We also see more of the profile of the entire truck, with a sleek look and wide fenders. It also appears that the truck will have digital rearview mirrors on the passenger and driver door.

The other big news is when we’ll see the truck. The head of Ram Trucks, Mike Koval, stated at the Detroit Auto Show that we’d see the truck ahead of the LA Auto Show this month. It appears that that date isn’t happening as the company now states it’ll drop on Jan. 5, 2023 in Las Vegas.

This makes sense, as the truck will likely have new technology for Stellantis on board, and CES is the auto show these days where these technology-laden vehicles debut.

We’ll be on the ground in Las Vegas for the show, and will bring you a first look early next year.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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