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Porsche Taycan gains Apple Maps EV routing support

If you have a Porsche Taycan and you’re taking a long road trip, you’re going to want to use the built-in route planning software in the Porsche navigation system. It knows how much charge your car has and can route you to stations so you can complete your journey without having to worry about range anxiety.

Now, however, you don’t have to use Porsche’s built-in software. If you have the My Porsche app on your smartphone — and you should — and it’s up to date you can take advantage of a cool Apple Car Play feature.

Apple Maps can talk to your Porsche through the app and determine state of charge. Apple Maps can then route you to charging locations along your route based on charger availability, time to charge, and other factors.

“We’ve listened to our customers, and they appreciate flexibility,” says Steffen Haug, Managing Director, Porsche Digital, Inc. “This integration with a product that they are already familiar with gives more options and confidence in how they use their Taycan, both in day-to-day activities and on longer road trips.”

It’s a no-brainer adding this functionality to the Taycan, giving the customer a choice in what routing software they use. We’re fans of choice here, and this is much smarter than doing something like removing Apple Car Play support to force people to use the built-in system. We’re looking at you, GM.

According to our contact at Porsche, the My Porsche app update should already be shipped and available right now.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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